Fundraising technology that makes a difference.

Want to raise more money online? We've got the tools you need to meet (and surpass!) your goals. Whether you raise millions online or are just getting started, our online fundraising tools scale with you as you grow.

Non-Profit and Charity Fundraisers

Are you a non-profit, charity, local organization or volunteer? has experience working with organizations of all sizes and understands the effort required to run large scale campaigns.

Fundraising for Your School

Whether you're raising money for scholarships, or collecting membership dues, simple fundraising tools make it easy. Use wecarenow to:.

  • Set up donation forms for one-time and recurring donations
  • Take registrations for events, trips, and more
  • Create restricted funds for different scholarships and initiatives

Disaster Relief

Make a Difference When It Matters Most

Respond quickly and confidently during crisis events When disasters occur, people and companies feel compelled to do something to help… and fast. By providing employees with meaningful opportunities to make a difference as events are unfolding, companies can show their commitment to impacted communities and their people.

Being prepared for crisis events means having a proactive disaster relief strategy in place—and best-in-class technology to put it into action. Wecarenow’s holistic corporate disaster relief solution provides everything CSR leaders need to quickly and confidently engage their employees, communities, and nonprofit partners whenever and wherever disasters strike.


Creating lifelong donors

While fundraisers drive a campaign, making the donation process as intuitive and quick as possible can be the difference between a good and a great outcome for a nonprofit's mission. That's why nonprofits choose

Crowd funding is a responsive website for online peer to peer and crowdfunding campaigns.


Start a Medical Fundraiser for Yourself

As the patient, you don't have the time or energy for a difficult process to manage. With wecarenow, you can start an easy fundraiser using our platform in just a few minutes to help with medical bills and cover healthcare costs. Your friends and family want to find a way to show you their support without being a burden all the time and asking what you need.

Start A Medical Fundraiser For A Loved-One

When a close friend, family member or loved one is in poor health, or diagnosed with an unexpected illness, all you want to do is help them feel better. While you often don't have control over making your loved-one healthy again, you can take action to help reduce their burden and make their challenging time a bit more manageable.

Emergency Fundraising Campaign

Serious accidents and emergencies happen all the time, especially when we’re not ready for them. Whether it’s an accident, medical emergency or a natural disaster, asking your friends and family for help with an emergency fundraiser can make all the difference when dealing with life’s unexpected costs.

Yes, even an emergency campaign requires a plan. When you have to act fast, preparedness and communication are key. With a plan, you’ll feel more confident that you can mobilize supporters quickly to begin relief efforts immediately, rebuild for the future, and eventually resume programs as normal.

Emergency Fundraiser Ideas

Many people turn to to get support for:

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods & fires
  • Car accidents, house fires & unexpected medical bills
  • Loss of job, lack of housing, supplies & recovery

Memorial Fundraising

Honor the life of a loved and ease the burden of funeral costs by creating a memorial fundraiser.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. The emotional toll itself can be devastating. Add in the expenses of a funeral, burial or cremation, and the stress caused by a death can be insurmountable. If you need assistance to cover funeral costs as you prepare to say goodbye to a loved one, or know someone who does, starting a memorial fundraiser on is the best place to start.