Social Media Sponsors School Fundraiser

The power of social media is often underrated in fundraisers. Social media is one of the ways you can reach like-minded individuals who are connected to you and/or your cause. When fundraising teams that have an online presence “share” their fundraiser, their results improve tenfold.

Recently, a team on this platform raised $10,000 overnight by sharing their story on social media. In order to maximize their exposure, the team set up a fundraising page on WeCareNow. They added pictures, a description and then shared it on social media. In doing so, they have already secured roughly $13,000 of their $15,000 goal with plenty of time left in their campaign!

If done correctly, social media not only reaches your friends, but friends of friends as well as the local community. When a fundraiser is a big deal for a local school/team/group, word travels quickly throughout the community. We have all seen posts in our feeds about local families that may or may not be a direct connection, but we will still feel compelled to give to their cause since it is taking place in our backyard and will benefit the local community.

Photo Shared on Fundraising Campaign Page

Ways to share your content

Start off by sharing your page across all social platforms. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, snapchat, etc. Make sure to include team updates and achievements, the fundraising goal, what the funds will be used for and, most important, a link to your fundraising page so they can donate. If possible, write a couple of blog posts and everyone who reads them will be compelled to share as well. Telling your story will strike a chord with potential donors near and far.

The funds are coming in, now what?

Our fundraiser has been so successful with its social outreach that the group kept blowing through its goals, increasing them on a daily basis.

You don’t need a master’s degree in marketing to reap the benefits social media provides for fundraisers; in fact, sites like WeCareNow have tools to make it super-easy. Check out our social media guide to see ways your team can raise more funds. The first step is setting up your page. Get started today.


Rose, a senior at East Chapel Hill High School, is in charge of her tech club team along with three other team officers. One of her responsibilities is to ensure that the team has funding to buy parts and travel to competitions. She tried different fundraising methods from obtaining business sponsors to writing grants. However, she recently found one she plans on sticking with: WeCareNow. WeCareNow is an online fundraising platform that is built for education. Rose was prompted to look into WeCareNow after hearing good things about it from a fellow tech club team member. She tried GoFundMe in the past, but she and the other members of the team chose WeCareNow because they, “…like the layout of the website and how everyone got their own dashboard so they can keep up with our fundraising efforts. WeCareNow is aimed at people like us and education.”

Rose's strategy was simple. She created an WeCareNow fundraising page and relentlessly pushed her teammates to spread the word. “Every meeting I would say to share the WeCareNow link with friends, family, neighbors, and on social media.” She asked team members to input contacts so that she could email them for donations and updates about their tech team project. Over the course of about a year, the team raised over $5,300 under Rose’s leadership.

Fundraising tips

Rose had some good advice for anyone thinking of trying online fundraising for the first time. She underscored the importance of making it a team effort saying, “Get more people involved and make it a collective responsibility. We are all in it together.” Building off of that she felt it was important to, “Be annoying about it. [The WeCareNow fundraiser] was a very constant presence. In every one of our emails there was a link at the bottom. We were constantly reminding them [the rest of the team].”

“Show [potential supporters] your passion so they know why you’re doing this. Make sure they know where the money is going and you’re going to get much more positive feedback.” –

Rose’s team was able to raise over $5,000 primarily through social media outreach. You can too! Listen to Rose when she says to, “Start with [fundraising] immediately because the longer you leave it the more likely you’ll feel like someone else will do it for you.” Set up your own fundraising page in under five minutes on WeCareNow and reach out to your community. You may even end up with your very own business sponsorships if you rally the team around your fundraising efforts like Rose did. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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